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Whether you are feeling sluggish or stressed, or you just want to have more mental clarity and energy, this product is for you. Eating well, exercising, and sleep can only get you so far. Xelliss helps you go from living life to living your best life all while putting some money back in your pocket. There are no stimulants, it’s only the power of spirulina and it is cultivated for purity and potency.


Xelliss offers a variety of health and wellness products made with natural and innovative materials while specializing in spirulina. Its goal is to create products that can satisfy the specific nutritional needs of everyone. So you might be thinking, what are the differentiators between this product and others like Modere and Cleanse For Life from Isagenix and Sakara? With cutting-edge technology, Xelliss manufactures their own micro-algae that has extraordinary benefits for your daily health like supporting your immune system, supplying amino acids and proteins, and being full of antioxidants. Xelliss creates their own spirulina through biotex that is cleaner, with no pathogens, and more potently packed with vitamins.

Featured Xelliss Products.

PhycoSci AM Protection

Produced from Xelliss’s high-quality A3Nat spirulina, PhycoSci AM is naturally rich in phycocyanin and then combined with natural Vitamin C from Acerola and natural lime flavor. With its natural source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, it’s the best way to get your day started, help protect your body from oxidative stress, and support your immune system!

PhycoSci PM: The Perfect Balance

Recommended for people who want a natural source of antioxidants flavored with mango. PhycoSci PM is a great way to get the extra antioxidants during the afternoon or evening.

PhycoSci Sport: Boost Yourself

PhycoSci Sport is an excellent supplement for those athletes with greater nutritional needs, helping to boost performance and progress more quickly. This product is recognized by the independent Sport Protect label, which provides athletes with the assurance of a product suited to their needs.


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