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Beautiful Partnerships

I believe that we have a beautiful superpower in us that's just waiting to be unleashed. I want to help reveal that beauty from within you.

Building Opportunity

MLSP and Xelliss are opportunities waiting to unfold in your life.

Providing Mentorship

On the MLSP and Xelliss team, you'll be lifted and mentored. You won't have to do this alone.

Together We Are MORE.

More money could pay for a family vacation, be put away for retirement, your monthly mortgage payment, pay off debt, or get you into a new home. With MLSP, Xelliss, and Brook Visser you could join today and start building and growing a business that’s about building value and improving your daily wellbeing–and you would be doing it on a team.

As an experienced network marketer Brook Visser has built networks around the country that are built on the success of relationship building. Utilizing the people you already know, you could get to work under her leadership and guidance and start building your own business–now how awesome does that sound!

Get out of the house, have a new purpose to your day, and make the transition to business owner by becoming an affiliate of MLSP and Xelliss with Brook Visser.


"This platform is THE MOST AMAZING I've EVER seen/used. I've been building sites since haves have made my life a gazillion times easier."


"There have only been THREE times in my life where I felt the hairs raising up on my arms and on the back of my neck when an 'event' happened. ONE of those times was the launch of MLSP Sites."


"I am new to blogging. Prior to Sites I worked on setting up a blog for a couple of months with no luck. With SITES thorough instructions I was able to set up a blog in no time."


"MLSP Sites has been the smoothest I have ever seen. They keep their promise to get you up and running in less than 3 clicks!"


"Sites is by far the easiest and most flexible platform I've worked with and I'm a programmer and designer. I could sell this just as a blogging platform and it's well worth the price."


"I set my blog up myself in minutes. You'd have to pay exorbitantly for the same plugins and not get as extensive training elsewhere. From beginner to advanced skill level there's something for everyone."


"13 prospects since I started at the beginning of the month. All from posting MLSP Campaigns on Social Media. Woop!"

Fun Facts About Brook.

More than a mentor, a friend you'll enjoy hanging out with.

Hoola Hoop Master

Bring me another cup of coffee

Dip it in chocolate

Wrap it in bacon please


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