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Beautiful Partnerships

I believe that women have a beautiful superpower in them that's just waiting to be unleashed. I want to help reveal that beauty from within you.

Building Opportunity

B-Epic is an opportunity waiting to unfold in your life. You can build a business for yourself while helping women feel more beautiful and having a blast doing it!

Providing Mentorship

On the B-Epic team you'll be lifted and mentored on a team. You won't have to do this alone.

Together We Are MORE.

More money could pay for a family vacation, be put away for retirement, your monthly mortgage payment, pay off debt or get you into a new home? With B-Epic and Brook Visser you could join a team today and start building a business that’s about helping women feel healthy and more confident–and you would be doing it on a team.

As an experienced network marketer Brook Visser has built networks around the country that are built on the success of relationship building. Utilizing the women you already know, you could get to work under her leadership and guidance and start building your own business–now how awesome does that sound!

Get out of the house, have a new purpose to your day and make the transition to business owner by becoming an affiliate of B-Epic with Brook Visser.


"I was asked to take a day 60 (4 days late) in the same shorts as day 1 and day 30. So here it is- a few days late but I am finally posting lol!! Y’all- this is not just weightloss! This is a mind and body transformation I am experiencing!!! My confidence is skyrocketing, I finally am out of the funk of not being comfortable in my own skin and loving myself! I actually do my hair and make up every chance I get!"


So this is me. It’s amazing what proper nutrition can do for a bod. I have had improvement with my skin, nail, hair, energy, sleep, weight loss… I was sluggish … I awoke everyday feeling tired. I never felt as though I had enough sleep. I struggled to get through each day as I didn’t have the energy to do all the thing s that need to be done. I had also put on quite a bit of COVID weight. Well, fast forward 2 months. I am sleeping better than I have in a longer than I can remember and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day. I’ve also lost my COVID weight and then some…but I’ve just begun this journey. I’m getting healthy from the inside out. I have never felt better.


"I am 2 days from finishing my first month. My sleep has been amazing!! My energy levels have been high!!! And these pictures speak for themselves. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m on my way. Just ordered month 2 and my husband is doing this with me!! I’m ready to rock this!!! If you are scrolling through all these testimonies and you haven’t ordered yet, do yourself a favor and get with the person that invited you here."

Fun Facts About Brook.

More than a mentor, a friend you'll enjoy hanging out with.

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